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Toronto, ON

Flyingfish offers multi-media production services specializing in aerial and underwater cinematography.  We employ custom-built octocopter UAV platforms capable of precise stabilization and an unlimited range of camera movement. Done team Toronto.


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Production Manager Professional Development Day

Christiaan Cloete

New Drone Regulations by Transport Canada active since June 1st. I'm humbled to be invited back by the DGC to talk about these new Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) regulations. Unfortunately the event is only for Production Managers,APM and UMs.

More information and registration info below.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Look UP!

CBS American Gothic

Christiaan Cloete

I'm very proud of the aerial drone work Flyingfish Productions did for American Gothic CBS. 
You can see a quick clip in the advert below. 
Season premiere tonight at 10PM on Global. 
Look UP!


WFW February Freeze !

Christiaan Cloete

Big thanks to WFW for hosting and amazing night! What a great gathering of gear heads in one, large room. 
So nice to see old friends and meet new ones. 
Special thanks to William F Whites, DJ Woods, Video Link, Filmotechnic and Dazmo Camera for your continuous support.



Orange and Vaal River Expedition South Africa

Christiaan Cloete

Flyingfish recently embarked on an expedition to South Africa.

Our journey took us along the Vaal and Orange River to some of the most remote and beautiful places in the country.

During the expedition we took footage on behalf of Triwaters Tour to support there up and coming documentary (The Tale Told By Two Rivers). 

It’s a story told by three professional water kayakers, Troy Glover (Canada), Brett Merchant (Australia) and Franz Fuls (South Africa) and there attempt to kayak the Vaal and Orange river from source to sea with the purpose is to create more awareness on the pressing issue of water shortage and water pollution in large parts of South Africa’s biggest rivers.

Cart Blanch, a popular investigative journalism show in South Africa also produced a segment about this story and featured footage filmed by Flyingfish Productions.

Below is a link to their program:

To learn more about this story please visit:

Rivers all over the world are impacted and affected by the presence of humanity. While we need development, commerce, industry and mining we must make sure that we do not destroy our most valuable resource, water, in the process.

A healthy river system demonstrates high levels of biodiversity. Polluted rivers have less species living in them.

We must all use less water and save the sources of our water. There are actions that each of us can take at home, online and outside to reduce our own impacts.

Water is life!

UAV Seminar in partnership with SIRT / Sheridan

Christiaan Cloete

UAV (Drone) Seminar in partnership with Screen Industries Research & Training Centre (SIRT) / Sheridan

FlyingFish Productions is very excited for the opportunity to speak directly with the film industry in Toronto and to provide some information and showcase the UAV technology.

Presentation Link: UAV Safety & Regulations

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Live on SUN News Network

Christiaan Cloete

Flyingfish Productions live on SUN News Network with 'Straight Talk' discussing privacy and safety concerns over the use of drones.

SUN News recently reported a Montreal man, Julien Gramigna, flying his drone to take photographs of a house for a real estate agent without the necessary flight plans and specific permission.

Read the full SUN News article here

"Transport Canada has changed the laws recently, which makes it less onerous for people to operate drones commercially. Often times, people forget that a drone is a remote controlled aircraft and now there's technology that allow people to fly without much knowledge of flying. The laws haven't changed so much. It has always been illegal to fly in a built up area without specific permissions, permits and flight plans." - Flyingfish Productions

Orphan Black, Season III

Christiaan Cloete

Flyingfish Productions had another successful run of aerial shots on location with BBC AMERICA's Orphan Black, Season III sci-fi series in Canada. Scroll through for a few behind the scenes and action shots of the crew hard at work. 

We're still under lock and key until next year. Keep an eye out for our aerial shots on Season III, coming soon. 

Look up and fly safe!


Grindstone Lake, Muskoka: Behind the Scenes

Christiaan Cloete

Our most recent shoot took us up north to Muskoka, Ontario. Grindstone Lake offered some great outdoor scenics with fresh snowfall the night before. Conditions were perfect for several safe flights on the DJI Phantom! 

Orphan Black Season III - Coming Soon!

Christiaan Cloete



Flyingfish had a successful run of aerial shots on location with BBC AMERICA's dramatic conspiracy thriller, Orphan Black for their season III sci-fi series. Starring Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black is back for another 10-episode run. 

We're under lock and key until next year. Look up for our aerial shots! No spoilers here.



Christiaan Cloete

In this 3-day workshop, we present an introduction to UAVs and review the rules and regulatory concerns of this new technology. Students are provided with an in-studio flight simulation and gain valuable practical experience during our full-day demonstrations with a DSLR camera and the Flyingfish Octocopter!

Day 3 (Nov 2nd, 2014): Practical, outdoor flight session in the park. Taught by industry pro Flyingfish Productions at the Humber School of Media Studies - The Part Time School