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Toronto, ON

Flyingfish offers multi-media production services specializing in aerial and underwater cinematography.  We employ custom-built octocopter UAV platforms capable of precise stabilization and an unlimited range of camera movement. Done team Toronto.

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Live on SUN News Network

Christiaan Cloete

Flyingfish Productions live on SUN News Network with 'Straight Talk' discussing privacy and safety concerns over the use of drones.

SUN News recently reported a Montreal man, Julien Gramigna, flying his drone to take photographs of a house for a real estate agent without the necessary flight plans and specific permission.

Read the full SUN News article here

"Transport Canada has changed the laws recently, which makes it less onerous for people to operate drones commercially. Often times, people forget that a drone is a remote controlled aircraft and now there's technology that allow people to fly without much knowledge of flying. The laws haven't changed so much. It has always been illegal to fly in a built up area without specific permissions, permits and flight plans." - Flyingfish Productions