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800 Islington Avenue
Toronto, ON, M8Z 6A1


Flyingfish offers multi-media production services specializing in aerial and underwater cinematography.  We employ custom-built octocopter UAV platforms capable of precise stabilization and an unlimited range of camera movement. Done team Toronto.

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The Richard L. Hearn Generating Station

Christiaan Cloete

We had a special opportunity to run several successful flights both indoors and outdoors at the abandoned, decommissioned Richard L. Hearn Generating Station in Toronto. 

A special thanks to the team at the Hearn for allowing us to shoot for the week. Many thanks to DJ Woods Productions Inc. for providing our team with the Sony F-55 4K cinema camera and to the Russian Arm team at Filmotechnic Canada Ltd. operating the ML55 Chase Car and the Russian Arm System.   

We've been blessed with great weather for safe flight. It's a wrap for now for Flyingfish Productions! Look up and fly safe.