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800 Islington Avenue
Toronto, ON, M8Z 6A1


Flyingfish offers multi-media production services specializing in aerial and underwater cinematography.  We employ custom-built octocopter UAV platforms capable of precise stabilization and an unlimited range of camera movement. Done team Toronto.

Basecamp LED (USB)


We are the sole distributer for the Kodiak "XLR" Solar Genarators in Canada 

Basecamp LED (USB)

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Basecamp LED (USB)



All the versatility and power of the original Basecamp LED light is now available as a USB-powered model. Maximize the lighting power of the Kodiak by taking advantage of the four USB ports, or simply use it with a laptop or other portable power source. These lights are perfect for every situation.

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Weight 1 lbs Dimensions 4 x 6 x 1 in